Strongest Strains With High Potency You Must Try in 2021

There are many cannabis strains on the market. and each strain has its specialty and effects. Every strain has different levels of THC and CBD content, which defines the potency of the strain. While THC and CBD are two of the most compounds found in cannabis, you want to also study the role of terpenes. a bit like THC, terpenes also influence the high caused by the strain.

Cannabis can help in handling various health conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, arthritis, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, cancer, and more. and a few conditions require strains of high potency than the others. So, to shop for high potency cannabis, you would like to possess a recommendation card And if you wonder, the way to get a medical marijuana card? It’s not hard. attend any licensed clinic and a doctor will do an evaluation of your condition and if your condition qualifies, you'll get your recommendation card.

So, here are a number of the foremost popular strains that have high potency that you simply must try in 2020.

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Kosher Kush

One of the foremost popular strains you'll ever see, Kosher Kush was first seen in 2010, and it’s been a lover favorite since then. This Indica strain features a crystalline resin that gives heavy tranquilizing effects. So, if you're a first-time consumer, take care of this one.

Ghost OG

The beautiful white cloak of crystal resin that provides high-octane euphoria is what you want to expect with Ghost OG. the symphony of terpenes in Ghost OG is extremely powerful and may provide you the relief you're trying to find.

Bruce Banner

“...And Hulk, smash!” Oh, this one line from ‘Avengers’ is some things you'll always remember. Bruce Banner is known as after Hulk’s friend, and that we can see why. it's a hybrid with staggering THC levels that provide a dizzying slap of euphoria, and deep relaxation. it had been once considered the strongest strain (the strongest avenger, maybe). This powerful strain may be a mixture of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel.

4.Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze is bred by the Rare Darkness Seeds and maybe a lively and vigorous strain. Powered by the Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck genetics, this strain will provide you the energy of euphoria that increases the main target and creativity.


This classic strain is loved by the bulk of cannabis lovers. it's an unforgettable potency and offers a tremendous flavor that you simply will always remember. Expect the invigorating euphoria that increases creativity and reduces stress.

Original Glue

This strain is known as Original Glue thanks to the stickiness of its resinous buds. Original Glue is additionally very famous for its high potency. So, handle it with care, alternatively, you'll stick with your couch for quite a while.

These were a number of the simplest high-potency cannabis strains that you simply can do this year for the simplest results. they provide strong psychoactive effects while treating various conditions. And if you're new cannabis-use, start with low-THC strains and slowly move towards the stronger ones.

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